CORD principle Moses Wetangula has criticized the new polls by Ipsos synovate claiming that it is a public stunt and public relations gimmicks.
The leader of minority argued that the polls is  contradicting itself.
Senator Wetangula said that the researchers did not get the opinion of the Kenyan population before giving out the polls.
Speaking in Alego Usonga ,Siaya county the home tough of Raila amollo odinga minority leader maintained that the polls are meant to hoodwink Kenyans that President Uhuru is popular.
he said  after the contradictory polls that say the country is headed the wrong direction, it says the president is popular.It is funny how that would be possible.
Senator Wetangula told off the researchers stating that Kenyans will decide who is more popular after general elections.
According to a new poll by Ipsos synovate the  approval improved by 21 percentage points from his early of 47 percent in November 2015.
Surprisingly ,despite the improved rating, 60 percent of Kenyans still think the country is headed the wrong direction.He at the same time appealed to former premier Raila Odinga to back his presidential quest in 2017.
Wetangula however stated that should any of the principles win fairly during nominations he will back and support them.


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