Fake USD 7 Million in 100 dollar Bills found in Kikuyu, Kenya
Fake USD 7 Million in 100 dollar Bills found in Kikuyu, Kenya

Over 10 police officers in Kikuyu station used hours to count the fake USD found damped in a thicket at Muguga village in Kikuyu, lend by the Kikuyu OCPD Birgen Kiptoo the officers had to arrange the bill of 100$ in to bundles of million and on counting it amounted to USD 7M OR equivalent to over 700 Million ksh.

Paul Famba the Kikuyu DCC says the automated safe was found by resident who broke into it and after finding the currency was fake they called the area chief who informed the police.

It is believed that the safe was on transit but unknown people abandoned by the road side. Famba have given a notice to those who might have taken some of the bills advising them that they should be taken to the nearest police station.

The bills are of the same serial number and stamped with an UN-Aid stamp where its believed that the con-men use to con innocent people large amount of money as they pretend to be working with the peace keeping mission and explain that you produce some Ksh that they can buy some solution from the money makers to delete the stamp that it can be used.

Police are now searching who might be doing this business in the area for its only after 2 months when a bundle of fake 400ksh was found dumped in a dust bin at a village near Kikuyu.


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