A middle aged woman is still shocked after she found her 70-year-old husband having se.x with an aging goat at their home in Tetu, Nyeri County.

Cecilia Muthoni Waigwa is said to have found Alexander Waigwa Waweru in the middle of heinous act when she raised alarm that caught her neighbour’s attention.

Stephen Obara, the area OCPD said that the wife became skeptical after her fiancée sneaked in the goat’s boma and held one of the goats by the tail.

Police were informed that the husband threatened to kill the woman and raze his house after the woman threatened to report the matter to the police.

‘He grabbed a jerrycan of paraffin but it was too late. He later grabbed a machete to kill the wife but we intervened,’ said the OCPD.

The beastly act was castigated with the police terming Waigwa as a treacherous and arrogant man who had been formerly sentenced to five year jail term but was freed.

Waigwa was detained at Nyeri Police Station as police continue to probe the shocking incident.


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