Jackline Mwende and Stephen Nthenge Ngila
Jackline Mwende and Stephen Nthenge Ngila

Stephen Nthenge Ngila, middle aged man who allegedly chopped off wife’s hands, Mrs Jackline Mwende has been denied bond for the second time, Stephen Ngila is facing an attempted murder charge however has been given 14 days to appeal against the ruling by Senior Resident Magistrate Kipkurui Kibelion in Machakos. Denying the bond the magistrate Attributed the prevailing tension on the ground as a risk to the mans security and therefore the suspect should remain in a remand prison.He added that the prosecution feared that Nthenge would interfere with the case because both the accused and the complainant hail from the same locality in mwala.

The prosecution also said that the case is and the p3 forms had not been filled and the accused if released may persuade the complainant on the same.The prosecution according to the magistrate argued that the victim is still traumatized and undergoing counselling.Though the accused has rights to bond  he should be given unless there was a compelling reason and also Stephen Ngila security wasnt guaranteed.

The magistrate argued that they accused may be given a bond as the case continues after the witnesses have testified and the lawyer can appeal for the bond

The lawyer moses Kamolo has said its every Kenyan right quoting the new constitution and the bond should be conditional.He added that he has been taken aback after his client was denied bond and was suprised by the ruling given.The advocate will advance to the high court for a review of the appeal as they have been given a leaf

Hearing 20th September 2016

Mention 23rd August 2016 at machakos courts

Magistrate Senior resident magistrate kipkurui kibellion


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