National power outages will now be a thing of the past! Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter says

Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter
Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter has said the Government is fast tracking the completion of new power lines that will provide alternative sources of power to address national power outages.

Mr Keter said the completion of the new power lines, currently 85 per cent complete, will ensure there is a stable supply of electricity and hence curb power blackouts experienced in the past.

He said Kenya Power and Lighting Company has been using an old 220KV line but the alternative route from Olkaria Power Station will stop the interruptions.

Mr Keter said: “We are doing the new 400KV line which runs from Suswa-Isinya-Embakasi. The same line will link Mombasa to Isinya. When this line is complete everything will be okay.”

He added: “We have asked the contractor to have more teams so that by November we should have this line from Suswa to Isinya to Embakasi and to Mombasa by December.”

The Energy Cabinet Secretary spoke at the Suswa substation in Kajiado County, where he toured the Suswa-Isinya-Embakasi power line that will supply geothermal power to Nairobi and Mombasa.

He was accompanied by Kenya Power Managing Director Ben Chumo and Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge.

Mr Keter said the completion of the line will enable the country to fully utilize the geothermal power and therefore shut down diesel power plants, a move that will reduce the cost of electricity and stabilize power supply in the country.

He appealed to communities living along the power lines to cooperate with the Government in the compensation process.

Mr Keter said it would be impossible to fully compensate owners of the parcels of land the power lines pass through since KPLC will not use all the land.

The Energy Cabinet Secretary criticised a proposed Bill seeking to compensate those who make losses during power outages.

He called on Parliament to be specific on the bill because the parameters of compensation are not clear.

Mr Keter said: “The Law must be every clear on compensation. There are so many causes of power outages.”

Mr Chumo said KPLC has invested in new technology to help curb power outages during maintenance.

He said the comnpany has reduced power interpretations by up to 50 per cent and increased the production of power.

Mr Chumo said: “We have come from a power deficient country to a power surplus country.”

Mr Njoroge said Government investments in the energy sector will pay off once they are fully implemented.