See what Donald Trump has promised to do to Kenyans after he saw this


In recent events this is what Donald Trump has said about Kenyans;

These people (Kenyans) are the silliest and biggest hypocrites in the world. What happened when a mall in Nairobi was under siege, then university somewhere near Alshabab headquarters of Somali? Did Kenyans themselves kill social media with their national flags like they are stupidly doing now with French flags? Is it that their education system is breeding idiots or they are just bunch lazy thinkers that’s why they are rushing to make blandish statements at France hoping to get some aid to steal like they do in their country which is becoming a criminals republic?” He said.

“Curiously, same Kenyans were silent when over 300 school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria by the blood lusting Boko Haram, they were silent when a genocide was happening in C.A.R, silent when over 1000 African migrants drowned in Mediterranean Sea—these people are conmen and that’s why apart from Mexicans, it’s Kenyans who are criminals here and I will deport them when I win elections. At times I think even Pharisees would be shocked to land in Kenya, because these people who are the ugliest in Africa are barefaced thieves, foolish liars and just cheap minds

Sources close to Donald Trump’s campaign have said if he saw this picture by our own Kenyan’s very best Gado, that he would punish Kenyans badly.