6 major reasons your husband keeps following younger girls, totally shocking!


It is no longer news that married men in general are fond of going after younger ladies for whatever reason. Their reasons are always unknown to their wives who are always livid with the way their spouses ignore them for the fresh blood. According to findings, not all married men date because they are willing to cheat, there are many other reasons men decide to date out of marriage.

Below are five reasons married men may never stop running after young girls.

  1. Emotional Dissatisfaction (over 45%): So much for the myth that for men, cheating is all about s3x: Only 8 percent of men said that s3xual dissatisfaction was the main factor in their infidelity. “Our culture tells us that all men need to be happy is s3x,” Neuman says. “But men are emotionally driven beings too.
  2. Lust: When the s3xual buzz that occupies an essential role at an early phase of intimacy in marriage is lost or a woman does not have that s3xual passion anytime her man urges for it, the desire for a strong s3xual desire will make that man lust after a young lady who he finds s3xually attractive.
  3. Lack Children: bearing Another sophisticating issue is the one of child birth. Inability to bear a child is associated to negative repercussions and a married man will almost certainly engage in extra marital affair in order to have off-springs.
  4. Revenge: In a marriage where the husband thinks his wife is having an affair for whatever reason, there is bound to be the revenge mission by the man. Whatever maybe the explanation given by the married woman, the husband’s real motivation is to seek revenge which is by dating someone else.
  5. Boredom: Imagine a situation where the wife is living in a separate town because of career reasons. The husband therefore bears more than usual share of the responsibilities on his shoulders. Day after day, it is the same mundane routine: get up early, prepare breakfast, rush to the office, return home tired and there’s no one to talk to and give emotional support.
  6. Because of a good friend did it: a good friend who cheated would make his friends also do it

Definitely a man will look for a young girl to always keep him company. Most married men date out of their marriage, but there also are lots of married men out there who do not go about dating young ladies.

Married men who live amidst student tend to cheat on their wives because they will not be able to resist the temptations from the young ladies especially because they know the ladies will dance to their tune.

If he is doing it to, be happy at least its not with another man!!