Police Arrest a Woman Suspected to have Killed and Dumped a One Day Infant

Abandoned Baby in Embu
Abandoned Baby in Embu

Police in Embu have managed to trace and are holding a house girl, on suspicion that she gave birth, killed and dumped her one-day old toddler near a church in Dallas area, Embu West Sub County.

The woman who is in her early 20s was arrested by residents after they conducted a head hunt of all women in the area who had been pregnant.

Area deputy police boss Ziro Arome said the dead infant was found wrapped in a polythene bag by a man who was scavenging at the dumping site looking for leftovers to feed his pigs.

It is then that the man raised the alarm and the shocked residents gathered near the Revelation Church, Jua Kali.

After a brief investigation, the residents narrowed on three women who had been pregnant and hunted them down.

Two of them were still expectant while the third was not responding to calls, occasioning the mob to threaten to break into the house but a clergyman pleaded with them not to lynch her.

Arome said that It is the pastor who was passing by who talked to the mob until the police arrived with the mob baying for her blood.

Police later removed the dead infant to the Embu Level Five hospital mortuary while the woman was taken to the same hospital for medical examination before being locked at the Embu police station.

The police boss said that it was wrong for one to carry the pregnancy for nine months and then dump the infant while she could have given the kid out for adoption.