Mwathani!! Two cousins elope in family compound – Drama

Two cousins elope in family compound
Two cousins elope in family compound

Residents of a village in Embu West are in shock and disbelief after two cousins are said to be in love and start staying together in secrecy in family compound.

The residents stormed at their home after the girl is said to have gone missing for the last one week only to find her at the house of his cousin who managed to escape. Residents tried to counsel them in order to end the relationship, which they termed as taboo for them to marry each other.

The two, a 23 year old man and the 17 year girl have eloped and living in the same house within their parents compound something that has perplex the family and residents.

Robert Namu the father to the girl says that the two have been in the relationship for the last 6 month and they have refused to end it. The father further says that her daughter has been sneaking into the house of her cousin where they spend the night together.

He says that this has led to her daughter drop out of school at form three despite her being bright girl.