Akothes Boyfriend Tony Tito mutua Spengler
Akothes Boyfriend Tony Tito mutua Spengler

Akothee’s Ex teenage Boyfriend is one of Europe’s highest paid Top black male models. Facts and real rumours about Akothees Ex top model Boyfriend:

  • He’s name is Tony Tito Mutua Spengler and hes Kenyan! Born in Mombasa,schooled in Mombasa and Nairobi
  • His peers commonly refer to him as TONY Spengler or TONY
    Age: Now Twenties
  • He is based in Mombasa,Monaco,Germany and Switzerland (ooohh switzerland where Akothee likes to travel as well)

    Akothes Boyfriend Tony Tito mutua Spengler 2
    Akothes Boyfriend Tony Tito mutua Spengler 2
  • Tony and Akothee have known each other for years, back then(years ago) when Akothee was somehow young and new in Mombasa. They do have close ties to date! and we have the proof..Tony appeared in Akothees BOURGE LE Music video(which was shot at Englishpoint Mombasa, he also jetted in for Akothees WHITEPARTY that was held early this year at Club Volume, and at some point they are seen hanging together(in cafesserie-a high class Cafe in Mombasa’s Nyali Suburbs. (Pictures )
  • Tony has appeared in countless International Fashion weeks around the world also in Magazines(high fashion magazines)such as Vogue Italia, L’UOMO Vogue, L’officiel and many others.,and dozens Commercials Both abroad and yes Kenyan adverts such as Imperial leather and Standard Chartered bank Ad(pictures attached),also Tony has appeared in Films(the white Masai)which was shot in Mombasa and another film(henri vier) which was shot in France, Spain and Germany.He was the main cast in an international T.V and print Advert alongside Hollywood’s Actor David Hasselhoff(Baywatch etc)the ad was shot in Hollywood!
  • Tony owns Properties around Mombasa’s Nyali Suburbs,…one of them being a 3 bedroomed apartment at the Exclusive English point in Mombasa.,and other properties around Kiembeni’s Blue Estate Suburbs…also a house in Germany and Swiss…8Nowander they are still good friends with Akothee!they flow)
  • The tall slim light skinned male model is a was also onetime Concluded one of the s3xiest male models of year 2012 in Europe(i think that’s why Akothee likes him).
  • Tony Likes being low key ….also his Favorite hanging Joint is Sheba Mombasa.
  • He is also a good friend to Malaika Firth(Top international female Model)..also in some photos he ca be seen with Miss Joane ball Burgess (former Judge at SAKATA SHOW)
  • more pics…his Facebook page (Tony Spengler) and Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/toni7133/)


Akothes Boyfriend Tony Tito mutua Spengler 3

Akothes Boyfriend Tony Tito mutua Spengler 4


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