Top Citizen news anchor Lilian Muli can be a ratchet. The divorced news anchor was aught on camera insulting a waiter at a club just before midnight. The question most people asked themselves is, why would such a top public figure abuse a fellow woman?

The rude woman could not hear the other staff members trying to cool her down and thwarted any attempts by some hotel staff to calm her down. It’s not clear what was the cause of the fight but the reaction in the video, shows us there was more than meets the eye. Lilian Muli was in the company of a man when she was insulting the poor waitress.

Below are the events at an upmarket Carribea restaurant located in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

Customers at the joint were angry with Muli’s behavior and someone can be heard in the background telling her to go to Kempinski.


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