Shame! Terryanne Chebet breaks the internet again. S3x will kill these TV girls

TerryAnne Chebet

Decorated prime time news anchor Terryanne Chebet is one of the most successful media personalities who have been in TV for decades now.

The controversial media personality has had her fair share of drama and rumors from social media and blog sites.

Just recently rumors surfaced that Terrryanne was rolling with big men in the city which explains her luxurious life and the fuel-guzzler she moves around town in. Not that she can’t afford though.

Well, Terryanne has been used and dumped by her two CEOs after the men realized that they have been eating the same cookie jar.

Snoops have it that the CEOs are best friends and after discovering that Terryanne has been using them both, they decided to disconnect themselves with her.

The rumors have it that Terryanne was outraged after a popular blogger leaked her photos on social media causing the men to discover what she has been up to.

The rumors have leaked and now all her workmates are talking about her. Her notorious behavior has been reported by many people since the TV girl has been spotted a number of times drinking herself silly in the company of young boys or at times aging men.

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