Renowned RnB singer Trey Songz was in the country for the 4th season of Coke Studio Africa and Kenyans were melted.

The man made headlines when he boarded a Rongai matatu and shared photos that went viral on social media with Kenyans falling in love with him even more.

The multi-talented singer left women screaming and yearning for him even more when he went to the streets of Nairobi and was seen dishing out $50 US dollars, equivalent to Ksh 5,000 to a street boy who was begging by the streets.

The superstar went ahead and requested for a photo with the young innocent street boy who was left smiling without knowing what was really happening. The photo has since gone viral and Kenyans were melted.
See the photo captioned; “This little dude was alone with his empty cup in busy downtown Nairobi and he just looked at me and smiled as we were walking.I gave him the equivalent of like 50 dollars.Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him.

Something about how big and beautiful his spirit was, while holding an empty cup put a lot of things in perspective for me. Overwhelmed with gratitude in these moments.

Love my people so much”


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