Terryanne Chebet
Terryanne Chebet

Citizen TV prime time news anchor Terryanne Chebet is among the most sought after media personalities who have built a name for themselves publicly. Apart from her TV job which pays her good money, Terryanne Chebet is an entrepreneur who has established an empire for herself with a company that deals with beauty products for these beautiful ladies we have around.

When her career, her business and her bank accounts are doing well, she is also a proud mother who has single handedly raised her daughter all by herself providing her with whatever she needs. Well, though a lot has been said about Terryannne and her alleged dealings with sponsors, this girl knows how to have fun.

A rare photo has emerged of the TV girl in a bikini that has left men confused. Above her command on TV and being boss of her beauty products company, Terryanne in a bikini looks like one hot goddess.

See the photo and be the judge.

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