Kibabii University Strike
Kibabii University Strike

Kibabi Kanduyi Bungoma County has been closed indefinitely after students went on rampage on today. The over three thousands students who were protesting alleged harassment by the school management that has given there pleas a deaf ear despite their numerous cries.

The students who barricaded the busy Bungoma – Chwele road at the Kibabi shopping centre engaged police officers in running battles for the better part of the day. They lite the main gate entrance with fire and destroyed properties of  un estimated value at the schools compound demanding for the school to address their grievances.

The students walked into the school and chased away security guards and lecturers before locking all the offices and smashing windows of buildings with stones.

Business operations at the Kibabi shopping center were disrupted as the traders closed there shops for fear of the students looting there goods. Police officers were forced to use tear gas canisters and rubber bullets to disperse the rowdy students.

fifteen of the students had been arrested eight being ladies and seven men and were taken to Bungoma police station. Kibabi was given a fully fledged charter last year by President Uhuru Kenyatta who will be coming over to attend the school first graduation ceremony.

Professor Shem Ayua the schools vice chancellor told the press that the school senate agreed to close the school, after a meeting today at 11AM when the students became unruly. Ayua said that some of the grievances the students have been pleading for have already been looked at by the school. The vice chancellors send a stern warning on the students who are out to incite others to protest that they will be dealt with accordingly.

He said that the school has received some names of some of the student leaders who have been inciting students to protest and will be dealt with accordingly


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