Capital FM's Anita Nderu
Capital FM's Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu’s Boyfriend: just showed off her boyfriend, Sun Man, to the world yet again on an Instagram post captioned ‘Thursday Ritual’. Going by the location of the post, which features a selfie it could only be concluded that their Thursday ritual involves a coffee date of some sort. The mystery man reveals that he is 26, a Dj, going by a photo he put up 15 weeks ago on his birthday.

Capital FM's Anita Nderu and her sponsor
Capital FM’s Anita Nderu and her sponsor

On the said day of his birthday, it became evident that they have dated for 9 years now.

On his profile which only has less than 100 posts, one can tell that just like Anita he is a true Wanderlust, tagging Anita, whom he prefers to call Nita, along whenever he can. From Mombasa to Dubai, quad biking to sky diving, there is nowhere these two wouldn’t go for the love of a good adventure.


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