Opposition leader Raila Odinga is Kenya’s most influential politician after the President of the Republic of Kenya.

He has fought for democracy, human rights and has even run for Presidency more times than I can count. Above all that, Raila is one of the most important leaders in the country and so due to this, he has many enemies than friends.

However, Raila’s security detail has been causing a buzz on social media since it is not clear as to why he would need security from abroad.

Well, just to be clear, while the ODM leader is abroad, he is provided with foreign security men who ensure that he is well protected and guarded.

What many do not know is that Raila Odinga has been recognized globally for many good things the reason why he gets to be treated like a VVIP while in overseas.

These men are always assigned by the hosts where Raila visits and they are sworn to guard him with their lives. Forget about his bodyguards here at home, see this.

Raila Odinga security detail / Team
Raila Odinga security detail / Team

Raila Odinga security detail / Team


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