Over the recent past, shocking videos of house helps mistreating their employer’s children have surfaced the social media making many afraid of hiring the services of a house help.

Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua seems to be among the people who have crossed lines with a house help and even narrated her experience on the matter revealing some of the nasty moments she had passed through with house helps.

The prime time news anchor took to Facebook to share reasons that forced her to fire several of her employees after noticing their weird behaviors towards her baby Huru, who she has kept out of public limelight.

In a Facebook post, she disclosed one particular incidence in which she fired one of the maids for taking selfies with her baby, a behavior she was uncomfortable with.

“She worked very well but seemed slightly awkward with the baby. I asked my day bug to keep a look out for anything suspicious and try to learn her. 4 days later, it emerged that she’d been taking photos of my baby, selfies, no less!” she wrote.

Ms Mbugua expressed her fear on how the house manager was handling Baby Huru leaving her with no other option apart from firing her.

“Coupled with her cavalier demeanor, I showed her the door, telling her if she can do that in 4 days I’m not sure what she was capable of doing in 4 years!” she stated.
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