A nominated MCA from Vihiga County who doubles up as a church leader, accidentally posted her nude photo with her ‘mpango wa kando’ on a WhatsApp group on Friday October 28th. Cases of people’s birthday suit photos being leaked on WhatsApp have been on the rise; and MCAs, especially from Western Kenya, are the most affected.

Nominated MCA, Rhoda Omufumu, accidentally posted her nude photo on the now dissolved United Democratic Front WhatsApp group. The raunchy photo which was posted on WhatsApp at 9.12 pm on Friday, shows the MCA in her birthday suit with an unidentified man.

“Mtu alichezea simu yake (someone messed around with her phone) … she is a church leader who cannot post such things on social media. She is married and she has grown up children.” The Star quoted a source close to the disgraced MCA.

Hon. Omufumu has reportedly gone ‘missing’ after she accidentally posted her raunchy photo on WhatsApp.




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