Betty Kyalo’s look alike Pra Splendi
Betty Kyalo’s look alike Pra Splendi

An 18-year-old girl has become the online sensation after her photos emerged showing her resemblance with media personality Betty Kyalo.

Were it not for their age differences, one would literally confuse the two as the stunning teenager identified as Pra Splendi is a replica of Betty to a great extent.

Watch her photos below and be the judge:

Pra Splendi
Pra Splendi

And amazingly Betty and her siblings resemble each other so much that one doesn’t need introduction to know they are related.

Now an girl called popped on social media and Kenyans wonder whether they haven’t been introduced to Betty’s other ‘sister’.

Splendi looks like Betty top to bottom but she is not even related to the pretty KTN anchor. Her smile, her eyes… you mention it.


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