Is this Girl the reason why Maina Kageni has never married?


Not much is known about Maina Kageni apart from the fact that he is one of the most paid media personalities in Kenya. Of his personal life and family, we only know that he is very close to his mother Wangui and that he has a home in Miami- one of the upscale getaway locations for the society’s elite.

But what about relationships? Indeed, his dating history is as longwinded as the NYS scam.

The fact that he has never been seen with a close female companion nor announced that he was dating anyone has birthed queer rumours- pun intended. But a lofty tale has been told in times passed, of Kageni’s first girlfriend, Anne- a girl who had the best nose that Kageni had ever seen.

Its with this girl, Anne, that Maina Kageni shared the first kiss ever. They later broke up for reasons that no one knows.

It is probably from his successful encounter with love that Kageni decided that he’d rather stay single.