Bahati and Jokate Mwagelo
Bahati and Jokate Mwagelo

Award winning gospel artist Bahati is back with his new single that has just been released and everyone is talking about it.

Bahati brought home an award from Afrimma Awards as the Best Gospel Act and his thousands of fans were overjoyed.

Now, the singer has been working hand in hand with his producer and he has been seen hanging around with Tanzania’s singer Ali Kiba’s girlfriend for a while now.
People were speculating on whether the two were dating but after the release of his new video, all has been put to rest.

The video dubbed ‘Maria’ talks about childhood friendship he had with the girl Maria (Ali Kiba’s girlfriend, Jokate Mwagelo) before she went abroad and started seeing other men.

The song has been rated as whack since it bears a close resemblance to Ringtone’s song ‘Pamela’ that took over the airwaves sometime back.

See the video here;


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