Auuuwi! Gospel singer Willy Paul shares a controversial photo on social media with the Illuminati sign on it. Social media users frenzied (photo)


It is one thing to do gospel music in Kenya and another thing to act secular. These things are what Kenyans will crucify you for, trust me.

Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul has just had another case to solve after social media users reacted on his photo with songbird Size 8.

In the photo, Willy is seen showing the ‘Illuminati’ sign that most US artists like to do when posing for a photo. Unluckily for him, the photo has been put on social media tables and the artist is being slammed and attacked for his indecisive nature.

Willy Paul’s hit song ‘Fanya’ was even brought up by an angry follower who insists that the song should have been secular and not gospel.

Truth be told though, Willy Paul has had his own fair share of drama and all kinds of scandals involving ex-girlfriends and socialites.

Well, no comment from us but the boy deserves some break. See the comments that followed.
See the comments that followed;

zenahhussein: Kwani ushaingia Freemasons?

miriam.nafula: Stop signs
ededdy254: uko illumi ama

mike.sayo: What does signs mean

maureen2640_vaileti: Izo signs ni za nn devil worship ww mmmh ati gospel ka unaimba secular imba iyo ss ile wimbo ya (Fanya) ni gospel

ericmwiti1: Hio sign si magospel singer .stop pretending !!