Is this why JCC’s Allan Kiuna keeps preying on female Church ushers: See her Birthday Message to her Pastor


    Below are top ten pictures of Patience Mwaura the beautiful curvy woman who happens to be an usher at the JCC church belonging to the Kiunas. This is the bitrhday message she sent her pastor.

    Besides being a model, this s3xy lady called, Patience Mwaura, is a an usher at Allan Kiuna’s Jubilee Christian Centre(JCC).

    If you go to JCC Parklands on Sundays, you will meet her on the door welcoming visitors while dressed to kill.birthday-kiuna

    With such beauties at JCC, you now understand why Kiuna cannot zip up.

    Young s3xy “quails” at JCC especially ushers and members of the worship team are just irresistible.

    Here are photos of s3xy Patience Mwaura, an usher at JCC;