Nameless and Wahu
Nameless and Wahu

Celeb couple Nameless and Wahu are living legends to the music industry and Kenya’s most powerful couple.

These two lovebirds have stayed together for more than 10 years ever since they got married. Unlike other celebrities marriage showcased all over the media and wedding shows, theirs was simple, memorable and has last longer than all the others.

Apart from making magical music, Nameless and Wahu are parents to two beautiful daughters, Tumiso, 10 and Nyakio 2.
They have built a family together and now they are about to move in to their new mansion that is almost complete.

The house looks perfect and is still under construction. Unlike other celebrities who squander money and end up being beggars in the streets, Nameless and Wahu have invested in this. Congratulation to the family.

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