Rare Cute photo of KTN’s hottest news anchor, Linda Ogutu’s daughter that has left everyone talking. See the photo here

KTN's Linda Ogutu
KTN's Linda Ogutu

Kenya’s most famous news anchor, Linda Ogutu is not only known for admirable fluent English on TV but also her killer figure that leaves her viewers confused.

The sassy TV personality married to controversial businessman Dennis Mombo, has had her own share of media scrutiny especially after it was alleged that his hubby was cheating on her with multiple partners.

We all have heard the messy life of the curvaceous TV anchor but what we have definitely not heard is her daughter. Linda has tried to keep her son far away from the media and Paparazzi as far as she could.

The process has been successful so far though, there is always that photo that leaks on social media which celebrities try as much to hide. Meet Linda Ogutu’s adorable baby.ogutu3_222016