Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris

Controversial columnist an aspiring politician, Miguna Miguna made headlines few days ago after he was recorded on live TV show viciously attacking city business woman Esther Passaris.

Miguna Miguna came out strong and called the lovely Passaris a ‘bimbo’ using her looks to gain political power.

The remarks from Miguna badly tarnished his name and both men and women came out responding on what he said on TV.
Many believed that Miguna’s move was below the belt and he now stand no to little support in his journey to vie for Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat in 2017.

Away from that, Esther Passaris has repeatedly been named among the most stylish and exceptionally beautiful powerful women in the country today.

However, her daughter, Makena is the true definition of beauty and elegance. In photos, see how genes are important in determining the future of your children. Just saying.

esther passaris daughter
esther passaris daughter



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