Jeff Koinange shown the door over his irresponsible show, see what he said


Days ago the #JKL was smooooooooking as Jeff who is the hosts puts it. Two guests clashed on his show a week ago, an incident that caused a lot of controversy questioning his credibility as a host.

Jeff had called the Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirants in his show bu only two came i.e Miguna Muguna and Esther.

Miguna Miguna and Adopt-a-light CEO Esther Passaris exchanged harsh words on the live show as they sold their policies in their bid to be Nairobi governor after 2017 elections. Jeff apologized to Kenyans through social media.
“Anyone who felt offended by the show between the two personalities should understand that its hard to control a live show but i apologise to anyone who felt aggrieved,” he said.

The former CNN journalist also hinted of the episode being his last show in KTN but did not give information on the next channel that will host his show.

“Thank you Kenya, 300 episodes and 10 million viewers for every episode is inspiring. We appreciate you. We will be back on another channel and will be bigger, just ensure you follow us on our social media accounts” he concluded.