KUMBE NI HUYU?! Here’s The S3xy Lady Who Nearly Cost K’Osewe Foods Owner His Dear Life, Hawa Wanawake Watatumaliza (PHOTOS)


Photos of the woman believed to have caused the spat between hotelier William Osewe and his friend Tom Oywar Mboya which resulted in the former being shot more than three times have surfaced on social media.

Osewe – who is the owner of the famous Ronalo Foods that is located along Kimathi Street in Nairobi – is said to be fighting for his life at Aga Khan Hospital following the incident.

Reports indicate that the two friends started exchanging harsh words shortly after bumping into one another at a popular restaurant that is located along Thika Road.

Moments after he walked in, Osewe accosted Mboya who was having a meal and asked him what he and his wife – Stella Mwende – were planning.

Mboya then drew his pistol and fired three bullets in rapid succession; two were lodged into Osewe’s abdomen while one hit his leg.

He took off after the incident while Osewe lay in pain until he was rushed to a nearby clinic before being taken to Aga Khan Hospital in critical condition.

It later emerged that the two got into a fight after the hotel owner accused Mboya of having an affair with his wife.

We recently got our hands on some photos of Mwende, the woman who at the center of the dispute, and we thought should share them with you.

Here are the photos.