S3x will kill these MCAs: Weeks after s3x scandal from popular MCA, another one leaks her nud3 photos on social media. See photos here


Social media goes berserk after another s3x scandal from an aspiring politician leaks and goes viral on the internet.

Few days ago, CORD MCA from Western was all over the internet with her nud3 photos displayed for Kenyans to see.

Now, aspiring MCA from South Imenti has become the talk of town after her photos surfaced online.

The lady by the name Esther Kawira allegedly slept with a renowned camera director from Meru TV station, Baite TV where she was promised space in the TV programmes.

Unfortunately, Esther got space on social media with her nud3 photos circulating all over. See the aspiring MCA and her nud3s on the next page.