Batoto ba Kenya: Men go crazy after seeing these hot seductive photos of actresses Wilbroda and Silprosa. See photos


Local TV actresses may be naive, fashionably annoying and so unkept while on screens depending on their characters.

However, behind these unattractive TV roles they play, these women can kill men in a minute when they show up looking like beauty goddess.

Now, Jackline Nyaminde, better known as Wilbroda and Sandra Anyango Dacha, Silprosa of the TV drama Aunty boss have brought the internet to a standstill.

The two talented ladies whose parts on local programmes always leaves viewers in laughter have shown their other part people have never seen before.

Though Wilbroda has been spotted a couple of times looking extremely magnificent, many have never seen how well endowed Silprosa of Aunty Boss looks like. Mafisi hii ni yenu!