Equity Bank
Equity Bank

A disgruntled Equity Bank customer has disclosed how she lost thousands of money from her bank account under unclear circumstances.

The lady claims that an unknown person withdrew her money through Equitel line. Surprisingly, she was able to identify the number but couldn’t get hep from the bank.

Below is the story that has left many customers wondering whether Equity Bank is safe:

Over the weekend someone accessed my account via equitel line and withdrew all my money. On saturday afternoon I tried to call customer care for some help but no one attended to my call.

Yesterday morning walked to the bank and the help I got was to be shown the transactions that were made and the mobile(0702703218) number where the money was being transferred.

The rest was up to to figure out the owner of the number. I sent Ksh.10 to the number and the name appeared as OCHEGE JOSHUA as shown. All this details are available and the questions are:

-Does equity have a fraud department?

-Can I get some help on how to recover my money?

-How safe is the customers’ money at equity bank?


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