Popular blogger who predicted Naivasha accident
Popular blogger Wahome Thuku who predicted Naivasha accident

Wahome Thuku an online activist had predicted Saturday’s deadly accident months ago and no one listened. Now he is making fresh predictions and NTSA/Government on all reports made so far not to have an idea of what they are doing.

Please read this comment he has just made:
“ON the night of Thursday February 11, we were driving down Karai area in Naivasha with my family when we found the road authorities putting high bumps on the highway right at the foot of the hill. To any reasonable person, it was clear the spot had been turned into a blackspot.

On the way back a few days later we saw broken glasses on the bumps a clear indication there had been an accident. This Friday again we descended the hill at 7pm and getting to the spot I told my wife the bumps would cause a disaster.

There was nothing prophetic in that except that I recorded my feelings here in Feb. It was just a logical conclusion. Vehicles cruising downhill were instantly stopping at a short jam formed by the bumps. I’m not a roads engineer like Wairua Kireru but I can tell, just like anyone else when a disaster is being coated.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the bumps were marked or a sign existed, erecting them there was setting stage for death(s) period. You cant put poison in food to PREVENT thieves from eating. Your desire then is to kill them.

If I had to do it, I would have erected a million of them from the very hilltop to the bottom. Not placing just two at the foot. Even if we were to blame unobservant driver, innocent lives have been taken. And if not removed, expect another fatal accident and another one. For now just send this entire NTSA home. Please do.”

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