Finally Revealed: The Billionaires 5 that Influence Elections in Kenya


In Against All Odds, Musyoka brings out the role of the business class in resolving political disputes and in maintaining sanity in the county.

Here are some of the billionaire businessmen who pull the political strings in Kenya:

1. Chris Kirubi

He is perhaps Kenya’s most famous businessmen but his influence in shaping political and economic policies remains a top secret.

So powerful is he that French newspaper Le Monde, recently named him as one of the three Kenyan leaders who were being spied on by the British government.

Musyoka lists him as one of the businessmen who had been asking him to support President Mwai Kibaki in the general election to ensure a peaceful process.

2. Narendra Raval Guru

He is one of the least known albeit powerful people in Kenya.

This is how Forbes magazine describes him, “Narendra Raval, a steel tycoon, is one of Kenya’s most successful entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Devki Group, a Sh650 Billion (annual revenues) Kenyan conglomerate that manufactures steel products, roofing sheets and cement.”

Wiper leader reveals that the deal that saw him become VP in Kibaki’s cabinet was struck at this tycoon’s house.

“One evening, just days to the election date, I was invited to dinner by Mr Narendra Raval Guru, the chairman of Devki Group of Companies…I arrived at his house and as we made small talk ahead of the meal, I was surprised to see Kibaki walk into the room in the company of Stanley Murage, his adviser and strategist,” Musyoka writes, adding that was the genesis of the deal that saw him enter into a coalition deal after the 2007 election.

3. Peter Munga and James Mwangi

Munga is the Chairman of the Equity Bank Group while Mwangi is his CEO.

The company is one of the largest investors in Kenya – explaining why these two men would want to safeguard stability in the country.

The former VP names the two as part of those who encouraged him to work with the former President to ensure the 2007 election went on devoid of chaos and violence.

5. Jimmy Wanjigi

Wanjigi is a controversial businessman who heads the Multibillion Kwach group of companies.

While explaining how President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto edged him out of their alliance, the Wiper leader inadvertently points out Wanjigi’s role in Kenyan political deals.

“Then on that night, Uhuru and Ruto arrived at my home in the company of Jimmy Wanjigi, a Nairobi businessman and political strategist…we walked down to the gazebo where dinner was to be served.”

“Ruto and Jimmy sat silently as Uhuru spoke: “Stephen,” he said, “We have decided that you should choose some other position, but not the presidency or deputy presidency.’’