S3x scandal rocks parliament: Raila Odinga aide claims wealthy finance boss has been sleeping with his wife


An aide to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga claims he has received death threats from a wealthy and elderly parliamentary employee, whom he accuses of having an affair with his wife.

Soft-spoken lawyer Silas Jakakimba, a former aspirant for the Homa Bay Senate seat during the 2015 by-election, even tried enlisting a top politician to mediate on the ‘not so small matter’ involving his wife, Lynnette Otieno, and his alleged lover, Sam Obudo, the Director of Finance and Administration at the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC).

Jakakimba charges that Obudo has been sleeping with his wife barely months after she gave birth, besides threatening his life in the presence of police officers when they bumped into each other at a hotel in Homa Bay.

It was after the altercation that Jakakimba took to his Facebook page to spill the beans over domestic matters he had been trying to solve in private.
In his emotional outburst, Jakakimba lamented that Obudo has been having a romantic liaison with his wife, while offering ‘financial’ and ‘allied career gains’ at the Kenya National Assembly.

In a post on Facebook that was later pulled down, Jakakimba wrote that: “And of course, as we all know, that can’t be, shouldn’t be, an issue here. But for reasons my immediate family and I have never understood, Sam, head of Bunge’s most ‘significant’ directorate & known to splash cash and BIG favours to young female employees he sleeps with, ironically went ahead to directly THREATEN my person and life, an aspect the Kenya Police (DCIO Parliament Police Stn & DCIO Homa-Bay Police Stn) has been actively investigating over the past weeks (sic).”

But it is not only Jakakimba who is levelling accusations against Obudo. A bitter Gideon Omodho is also pointing a finger at PSC big shot for having an affair with his wife, Sophie Otieno, with whom he has since separated. Omodho’s wife also works in Parliament where she is Obudo’s junior.