PHOTOS of Lulu Kamau – The JKUAT Female Student Who Infected The Dean Of Students With H!V See Leaked Whatsapp Evidence

Lulu Kamau JKUAT Female Student infects dean with H!V
Lulu Kamau JKUAT Female Student infects dean with H!V

This is a major major scandal! A female student who can only be identified as Lulu Kamau at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has been exposed.

According to a shocking revelation, the JKUAT student who is said to be contesting for a political post at the institution has been spreading her legs for the JKUAT Deputy Dean of Students – Mr. William Nyariki in order for her to get funding for her campaign and also help rig votes for her.

Apparently, Lulu Kamau was contacted by William Nyariki’s wife after she found out that her husband has been having affairs with campus babes and smashing them while claiming to be working.

Here is the photo of the female student who has been getting her “nunu” serviced by her Dean of students;

We have the leaked screenshots of the Whatsapp conversation between the JKUAT diva Lulu Kamau and Mrs. Nyariki.

In the Whatsapp screenshots, Mrs. Nyariki – the Deputy dean of students’ wife starts by rebuking Lulu’s reason for destroying her marriage and even asking her to leave her husband to take care of his family.

“Hi. Am Mrs. Nyariki the wife of the Dean of Students JKUAT Juja. Kindly leave my husband please”

Lulu Kamau however responds in a rather defensive manner claiming that she only needs the Dean for the election period then she would dump him like a hot potato.

Check out the Whatsapp conversation in the pictures below;

According to the screenshots above, Lulu Kamau has aborted four times after having raw *** Bwana Nyariki.

She has even infected many other guys including the deputy dean of students with an unknown disease.