Am not Dating Samali - Kibaki's grandson Sean Andrew
Am not Dating Samali - Kibaki's grandson Sean Andrew

Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew has slammed bloggers for claiming he is dating his friends hot girlfriend Samali.

Sources close have revealed that his best friend is not happy. He has now clarified saying they are not dating.

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In a post just today he claims he is single.
et me get something straight that is my FRIEND Samali and her BOYFRIEND in the picture, he is STILL her boyfriend and I’m clearly seated in the car being a third party beside their affection. I’m SINGLE and I’m working on myself.
Dear gossip media stop printing false stories and focus on stories that add value to our lives. Women are being empowered today and there you are subjecting them to false gossip and rumours. Grow up and get practical!

See the post below.

In an earlier post he said he is just a third wheeler “When third wheeling is life 💏🙇 😂”


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