Citizen TV’s Mike Njenga has just been crowned Kenya’s Romeo after sharing how he treats his lovely wife and Kenyans have been extra-impressed with the anchor.

Mike Njenga’s wife celebrated her 30th birthday on February 8th and the Citizen TV anchor decided to share with other men tips on how to treat a woman.
“Key lessons I have learnt about women over the years is that as a man, always remember thay you are the strong one. And being the strong one, you should always be there to guard and protect your partner. Your strength should not be interpreted as an opportunity to dominate. Your strength as a man presents an opportunity for you to guard and protect that woman in your life.” He said

“Tell her she is looking good, tell her she is beautiful; tell her she makes you happy- appreciate her. A woman is an incubator- what you give her, she takes it incubates it and gives it to you double. You give her a sperm; she carries it for nine months and gives you as a baby. You give her a house; she decorates it and gives you a home. You give a grocery ; she processes it and gives you dinner. Whatever you give a woman, she takes it, incubates it and gives it to you twice, thrice, seven times better,” Mike Njenga told eDaily in part.

Mike exchanged vows with his sultry fiancée, Phoebe Wanjiku, at a colorful ceremony which was held at the PCEA Evergreen Church on January 11, 2016. He went ahead to clearly states how a woman is supposed to be loved and treated.


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