prefects to molest form one students
prefects to molest form one students

Alliance High school has been trending on the interwebs for the past few days for all the bad reasons, the administration was found guilty of colluding with prefects to molest form one students.

Early this year, concerned parents sought the intervention of the Ministry of Education, which started an investigation to look into the issue.

Chilling details of bullying and torture meted out on form one students came to light when Daily Nation interviewed at least 10 students who fell victims to prefects’ brutality.

Apparently there is a culture at Alliance dubbed “action nights” and “induction sessions” in which form one students are subjected to all form of evil treatment- this is masterminded by prefects in the full knowledge of the school administration.

prefects to molest form one students
prefects to molest form one students

Below are the 10 shocking evil things done to form one students by prefects during action nights and induction session – as reported by form one students who were subjected to bullying:

1 Form one students are beaten up with sticks, electricity cables, hockey sticks etc.

2 Form one students are forced to lie on the graves of the school’s founders for hours at night.

3 At midnight, form one students are beaten up with belts during the punishment parade until they shed tears.

4 Form one students are forced to ‘swim’ on grass.

5 Form one students are woken up at 4am and ordered to sit on toilet basin.

6 Form one students are ordered to draw a car and get inside the drawing.

7 Form one students are denied supper on Saturdays and some also go without breakfast on Sundays.

8 House captains tell form one students that they are their gods and that they should worship them.

9 Form one students are told to hug light bulbs.

10 Form one students are chased around the school at night by prefects armed with whips and belts


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