Kabogo concedes defeat to Waititu
Kabogo concedes defeat to Waititu

Governor William Kabogo has shocked many by conceding defeat just a minutes after vote counting started. In a video statement

‘Ferdinand Waititu will probably be the next governor of this county & I wish him very well. Someone does not want Kabogo as the governor and I am done with it for now’ – Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

As voting started, Kabogo was clearly loosing with large margins. In his own voting station the results were shocking:
At Kabogo voting station
St Georges Pry Ruiru constituency
Waititu. 870 Kabogo 469

In the press statement it seams Kabogo is blaming top Jubilee officials for colluding with his competitors. In the press video he said: I think someone does not want me for Governor of Kiambu, I wish Hon. Waititu well If indeed he is able to become the next governor of Kiambu.

Opinion of some Kimabu residents is that Kabogo lost due to other factors like abusing women and arrogance.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo options are now limited, one being he may run on Sisi kwa Sisi political party where his chances of winning would be hard. Keep it here for updated Kiambu Results


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