Grace Msalame quits her 7-years job at Radio Africa
Grace Msalame quits her 7-years job at Radio Africa

On a social media post today Bamba TV manager and TV host Grace Msalame has said she is quitting her job. The well-paid beautiful media personality quit her job at Radio Africa after working there for seven years.

Through Radio Africa Limited Msalame managed to get promotions from one post to the next until when she quit.

On her Instagram wall she shared a heartfelt message to all her fellow colleagues, friends and he Radio Africa Limited family as a whole.

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‘’How does one say Goodbye to almost 7years! It’s been a good run Radio Africa Thank you for the growth that has given me the wings to finally Dare Greatly & set out a New Path. From hosting to producing, directing & to Management- are all opportunities I will forever be grateful for. I’ve never been one to say goodbye or even know how to for that matter so though I may have chosen this path I say thank you for all the years, all the lessons, all the challenges & most of all for all the support. And now Jesus take the Lead… Your Will, Your Way #EndOfTheRoad #NewSeason #DaringGreatly #GodsWill’’

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame


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