List of Companies that Nicholas Biwott Owned in Kenya, Uganda and Australia
List of Companies that Nicholas Biwott Owned in Kenya, Uganda and Australia

Nicholas Biwott or otherwise known as Total Man passed away on Tuesday. Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono arap Biwott was a Kenyan businessman, politician and philanthropist. Biwott served as a civil servant, Member of Parliament and government minister in Moi Government.
With no doubt, Biwott can be described as a man who was very skillful in business. During his lifetime, he accumulated much power and had established an enviable business empire, touching on almost every sector of the Kenyan economy. Today , we have listed some of the companies that were owned by this ” Total Man ”

List of companies owned by Nicholas Biwott

1. Barsirim Investment
2. Yaya Centre (worth KSh 3.5 billion)

3. Kipsinende Farm

4. Rono Ltd

5. National Milling Corporation – One of the biggest shareholder

6. HZ Group of Companies

7. LZ Engineering
8. Premier Group of Companies
9. HZ Construction and Engineering

10. Air Kenya Aviation Ltd

11. Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd

12. Ziba Management & Services

13. HZ Group of Companies, Israel

14. Lima Kenya

15. Air Kenya

16. Safaricom Kenya – Major Shareholder

17. Uhuru Highway Development Real Estate company


19. A 10,000 hectare ranch in Australia

20. Trinity Enterprises

21. Banque Belgolaise

22. Team Simoco

23. Kenoil-Kobil – (National chain of petrol stations) – Biwott controlled 17% of private oil industry in Kenya.

24. Petrol Stations in Uganda – Operated through Kenol-Kobil (worth KSh7 billion)

25. Westmont-An independent power producer company owned by Biwott and Harbinder Sethi Singh.
26. Grand Diani Reef Hotel- Once placed under statutory receiver when hotel defaulted on KSh500 million loan acquired from Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

27. Regional Air – Had a code-sharing arrangement with British Airways.

28. H Young and Company Steel manufacturers – one of largest in East Africa

29. S.R Telecommunications Co. Ltd – Receives contracts from government-owned telecommunications monopoly company, Telkom Kenya

30. Lima Ltd – One of the best-established agricultural machinery firms in Kenya. Owned jointly with powerful politicians and their families

31. First American Bank – Major shareholder

32. Pan African Bank -Major share holder

33. Middle East Bank – Major share holder
34. Trans-National Bank – Major Share holder

35. Residential properties in various parts of the country


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