Senior journalist Dennis Okar and Betty Kyalo
Senior journalist Dennis Okar and Betty Kyalo

Its almost a year now ever since NTV senior journalist Dennis Okari separated with his wife Betty Kyallo.

Their separation was public and Kenyans could not stop talking about it for years. Dennis has kept quiet for a long time now and has kept his personal life silent.

Now in the recent posts he has been sharing Okari seems to have found Christ and he is in to give hope to people by motivating them.

His wife Betty on the other hand is all over social media posting and ranting on comments on her page. His messages on social media seems to be having hidden meanings.

See this:

Everyone wants to be in CONTROL.
When we lose the sense of control over any situation in our lives, we fall into a trap called ‘helplessness’. It comes with the worst feeling ever because you feel run over, boxed, punched, cornered and grounded.
The natural instinct of man is to be free. We break rules, disobey commands, reject directives because they make us feel caged. Freedom to break out, freedom to be yourself even if you will look silly, freedom to think aloud, freedom to choose, that’s what we all want right? But sometimes the environment around you will not allow this happen. It could be your family, your friends, your job, your business or school.
You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. No one can take this power of control from you. God gave us the power to choose. That’s control.

He also wrote
When your father writes the script. When your father sets the stage. When your father directs the cast. When your father knows the end of your film. You just know nothing can go wrong. You are the main character so you won’t die.
#BeMotivated #BeInspired #BeEpic #COMINGSOON


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