Tanzania Star Musician Ali Kiba is set to marry Jokate
Tanzania Star Musician Ali Kiba is set to marry Jokate

Tanzanian showbiz is top is East Africa today. Artists like Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba have represented their country across Africa and internationally.

Sadly these two artists have beef which has never been settled the reason why they have never done any song together.

Well we all know Diamond Platnumz makes musi as business but Ali Kiba is the god of music. These two artists have once dated the same girl, Jokate Mwagelo.

Singer Diamond Platnumz used to see her before he broke up with her. For the past few years Ali Kiba has been dating this beautiful girl despite separation rumors.

Kiba has three kids from different women and now his family wants him to settle down with Jokate. Speaking to a source Kiba’s siter Zabibu revealed what the family wishes for their brother.

Jokate and Ali Kiba
Jokate and Ali Kiba

Ali Kibas Kids

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She was quoted:“Ali Kiba’s time to get married is now. I think he has done everything in his youth. There is no new exploration left. Furthermore. he has four children with four different women. I think it will be wise to look for a woman who will take care of the children. I wish he thinks about it and makes a prompt decision. I understand very well it is not up to me to make that choice for him. But I am cognizant of the need for him to settle down as soon possible; and I, as a parent. have to stamp my authority on that. His time of getting married has reached. Jokate is a wise woman. My brother is yet to marry. and I would urge him to tie the knot with the 2006 Miss Tanzania first runner up. Jokate has everything it takes to be Ali Kiba’s wife. She deserves him.”

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