Uganda Flying Squad arrest 3 over Msando murder
Uganda Flying Squad arrest 3 over Msando murder

Police in Uganda say they have impounded a vehicle and arrested a Kenyan and two Ugandans in connection with the murder of electoral commission ICT manager Chris Msando.

The vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner, had Ugandan registration number plates but police say it had Kenyan plates when it crossed the border at Busia.

It was said to have been headed to South Sudan when it was intercepted in Northern Uganda.

Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema confirmed to Daily Monitor confirmed that the arrests are related to Mr Msando’s death.

He said the Uganda flying squad trailed the vehicle after they were tipped about the suspects, who had crossed into Uganda on Monday.

“It’s believed that the vehicle could be for killers, but I still don’t have all the details, may be Interpol will give all the details. However this is the little information I have, the arrest is related to Msando’s death,” Mr Okema said.

He added: “The suspects and the intercepted vehicle have been taken to the Police Headquarters in Kampala for further investigation.”

A search of the Kenyan registration number showed the plates belongs to a Mercedes Benz registered in the name of a Kenyan politician.

The electoral agency’s ICT manager was killed alongside a 21-year-old woman, Ms Carol Ngumbu.


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