Finally Hessy wa Dandora guns down the notorious gangster who was married to the baddest female robber, Cleah Adi Vybz

Hessy guns down the notorious gangster Cleah Adi Vybz
Hessy guns down the notorious gangster Cleah Adi Vybz

As they say if you live by the gun you die by it and its now a proof. For last few months renown cop hessy wa kayole have been ending the notorious members of the naughty gang in Kayole who are known for giving residents sleepless nights.

His search saw him kill many young girls who were deep in crime among-st them one Clare whose killing went viral shocking people since she was only 17 by good or bad chance she was married to a fellow thug and together they had one kid.

Well the guy was lucky to escape and promised to revenge and now turns out the late Mwani apparently disappeared to Ruiru after he allegedly killed two policemen. He sorted to evading the police by moving out of Kayole to a neutral region where not many people knew about his whereabouts.

“Hayawi hayawi! Mwani and Willis, are with their ancestors right now. Mwani killed police officers in Kayole na akajifanya anajua sana, ati Ruiru ndo mafichoni: #Amejuahajui”

Some of the people who knew him were sure that he had been snitched on…however most seemed happy that his ‘reign’ had come to an end.

Mwani was was gunned down alongside another member of Gaza, captain Willis.