Moi Girls Arsonist suspect
Moi Girls Arsonist suspect

The suspect in the unfortunate fire incident at Moi Girls High School in Kibera is a student at the same school.

According to sources within the investigating team, the student whose first name is Latiffah wanted a transfer to another school and insisted on having her parents effect the transfer.

The parents insisted that she remains in the school and so the student intimated to her schoolmates that she will have to do something to convince her parents that the school is not safe.

Moi Girls Dorm School fire picture
Moi Girls Dorm School fire pictures

The student is reported to have started the fire by lighting fire on her mattress in the middle of the night. The student is said to be on the run but the investigators are closing in on her as her options are growing thin by the day.

Sadly 8 students died in the inferno.


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