Harrison onyebuchi obiechi - Nigerian Con


This happened to a very close friend of mine. She met a Nigerian Guy who she formed business partnership with.

The guy lied to her that he had 200,000 US dollars that needed to be cleaned using some chemicals so that it can be used,the mark on the dollar had initials of UN Aid on it so it had to be removed so that the dollars could be accepted for exchange in Kenya currency.

So according to this Nigerian guy, the technician who was to clean the dollar to remove the mark needed 300,000 kshs so this girlfriend of mine thought the deal is good and they will get money
20million kshs to do business so she offered to give the Guy 300k to give to the technician so that the mark is removed from the dollar currency.

The day she gave this guy that money was the last day he saw him.

This Guy is out there enjoying this Ladies hard earned money while this lady’s business has collapsed. This is the Guys photo and his Name is Harrison onyebuchi obiechi.

Nigerian MAN conned a Kenyan LADY
Nigerian MAN conned a Kenyan LADY


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