James Orengo's son
James Orengo's son

Siaya Senator James Orengo has been on everyone’s lips after he successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to nullify the August 8th Presidential Election.

This came hot on the heels of his landslide victory in Siaya senatorial race despite him not putting up a single campaign poster.

Orengo is also a family man, married to city lawyer, Betty Kaari Murungi. He is a father of seven but there is one son by the name Michael who has taken after him you’d think he’s a photocopy of the father. Michael is an architect with a Masters degree from the esteemed University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

James Orengo's family
James Orengo’s family

James Orengo's son Michael
James Orengo’s son Michael

James Orengo's son photos
James Orengo’s son photos


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