How to Pay for SGR Train Madaraka Express Ticket Via MPESA in Kenya


Kenyans will now be able to enjoy a new service being offered by Madaraka Express via mobile phones.

Those wishing to book and pay for tickets can now do so by using USSD code *639#.

The code will allow customers to book, pay and even cancel tickets for the Madaraka Express.

Along with the USSD code is the immediate MPESA payment option which will help customers secure their tickets fast.

According to Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Maina, passengers can make up to five bookings at once and citizens will be able to purchase tickets up to seven days in advance.

“We are seeking to leverage the technology offered by the new platform to counter the secondary market of tickets by middlemen who have taken advantage of the use of the stations as the main source of tickets. Through the platform, we hope to make it more convenient for Kenyans seeking to travel to plan their journey in advance and make bookings on time,” Maina stated.

“The system will also require those making bookings to provide their names and National Identity Card Number except for minors.”

Following the booking passengers will receive a SMS confirmation with a specific reference number indicating their destination, time, date and number of passengers that have booked.

From there passengers will have to print their tickets the service booths at the respective station(s) and verify their identification using a National ID.

For those that intend to use the MPESA option, it is advised that they ensure that the MPESA accounts have been topped up with sufficient funds prior to dialing the USSD code to ensure a smooth a direct purchase.

The new booking and payment option will start on 23 September 2017.